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Protection, Benefits & Accountability: Smart Planning for Start Ups and Small Business

Protection, Benefits & Accountability may not be at the forefront of new and small business owners’ minds, but they should be.   Often ignored and/or glossed over by startups, these components are an essential part of basic business planning and can make the difference between success growth and failure.   You know the old adage: […]

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Disability Insurance Isn’t Sexy!

    We are constantly bombarded with stats about dwindling Social Security funds; especially as they relate to retirement – but what about disability? Every bit as important, disability funding is more relevant for working people because it is a benefit that may help you now.   According to statistics sited in National Underwriter Magazine, […]

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Follow Your Money For Answers

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than half of the money we spend goes to housing and transportation. Reading about the breakdown of consumer spending, started me wondering…   1)      Why do we naturally bristle at the thought of saving money? 2)      Why does the discipline of wise money management overwhelm […]

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