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Medicare Mix: Costs Affect Us All

My mother-in-law received a $250 check in the mail from Medicare last month. It was her “onetime rebate” for reaching the doughnut hole in her prescription drug coverage – that was for 2010. This year she’ll get a 50% reduction in the cost of brand-name scripts when she reaches the hole. An escalating discount to […]

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Debt & Income Insurance

In the world of insurance, there are two kinds: debt insurance and income insurance. Most consumers don’t think of it in that way, but it is important to understand what these classifications really mean and what they can provide to you. Debt Insurance Medical Insurance – pays for your medical bills so your family will […]

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Protection 101

Today marks the first day of a new job duty for me, blogging. (In my wildest imagination never did I think I would become a blogger). Naturally, my first challenge was to decide what to write about. When it comes to basic financial planning, what has the most impact on most people? The answer is […]

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Welcome! Our goal is to create a public friendly blogosphere on where people can stay current on the news and trends in the financial services industry which may impact our personal and business lives. Please feel free to send specific questions and subjects of interest you would like addressed. (Consumer input is often a […]

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